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The Social Bicycles computer, located on the rear of the bike makes renting a breeze. Members simply tap their card to unlock a bike. Casual riders enter their assigned account number on the keypad to unlock the bike. Our members can find bikes at hub locations and reserve them from the web, our mobile app, or directly from the bike itself. Ride safe!



Bike share is a service that makes public bicycles available for shared use to individuals on a short term basis. The Coast Bike Share system will expand your mobility options with 300 bicycles strategically distributed at 30 stations in and around downtown. Membership also allows you access to Coast Bikes across the bay! You can use them to commute, run errands, visit friends, or casually cruise the city. Bike share also improves air quality by reducing vehicle emissions, promotes personal health and supports local business.


A network of 30 bike share stations will be distributed throughout the downtown, Grand Central, The Duces, 4th Street and more. You can expect to find them near transit stops, employment centers, and other major destinations. Have an idea for a great spot? Click here to suggest a location.


Coast Bike Share St. Petersburg will launch in the fall of 2016 in and around downtown. Bikes will be available for use 24/7.


Bike share will improve the quality of life for downtown and surrounding neighborhoods by stimulating economic development and improving residents health, providing a form of active transportation building on the City’s Healthy St. Pete Initiative.


Bike share offers a convenient, affordable, and fun option for getting around town. It complements other forms of public transit, saves time and money, reduces traffic congestion, strengthens the economy, and keeps you and our planet healthy.

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Suggested Locations

As we are getting ready to launch the bike share program we invite you to participate and propose a station location

Stations may be located on public or private land. All stations are subject to further review by the City. Any sites located in parks or along the waterfront will also be reviewed and approved by the St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department.


Available sponsorship opportunities 

Build your brand and your business by partnering with Coast Bike Share.

Bike share programs around the world have proven to be powerful platforms for sponsors to achieve numerous business objectives including (but certainly not limited to) brand-building and awareness, high volume customer interactions, cross-promotions, social presence, stakeholder engagement, meaningful employee programs, and much more.

Sponsorship of Coast Bike Share also enables companies to demonstrate an authentic commitment to our communities through active lifestyle, healthy alternatives, reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and environmental sustainability – while taking a high profile leadership role in support of City of St. Petersburg’s “Healthy St. Pete” initiative.

Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities with Coast Bike Share.


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